How does an acupuncture session take place?

During the first visit, we will fill out a general health questionnaire together. At that time, you will also explain your reason for consultation. Then, I will take your pulse and observe your tongue, complexion, breathing, posture and movements in order to understand you general physical, mental and emotional states. I will make an assessment of all this information to determine the course of treatment. Light stimulations are used to guide your body, so that it may generate it’s own mechanisms to recover, thus relieving your discomfort in the process.

During subsequent visits, a brief analysis is pursued to help validate if the previous treatment has been beneficial and what is the best approach for the next step. This analysis guides the direction of each treatment. The treatments as such involve inserting fine needles upon specific points which allow access into meridian channels. Opening these channels facilitates one’s energy circulation. The stimulations allow to support and promote how the body returns to it’s naturally balanced state.

What are the benefits of acupuncture?

Relief of:
• Digestive issues
• Colds & Allergies
• Headaches
• Low back pain
• Incontinence
• Stress

This is a very succinct list that encompasses other common signs and symptoms. Here is a more extensive list with additional information:

There are also many benefits related to perinatal care and children’s health issues.

If you have any questions with regards to your particular issue, please feel free to contact me !